Holiday Activities

Have a Merry Matematcal Break!!
Here are some fun ways for children to keep up on their math skills during the holiday
Play card, board, and dice games: Teach your child how to play your favorite card,
dice, or board game from when you were young. Have them help you when totalling up
the points. If you do not have a favorite game try out:
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade •Chutes & Ladders board game
•Skip-Bo, Phase 10, or Ratuki card games
3rd – 5th Grade •Battleship and Monopoly board games
•Cribbage and Yahtzee card/dice games
Get the kids online: There are wonderful online educational game sites that will help
your child build math skills but even when playing “regular games” children pay
attention to their points and are mentally counting, adding, and subtracting. Here are a
few good sites to check out that do not have a bunch of advertising:
Kindergarten – 2nd Grade • (There are so many you can choose from, but
two of my favorites are Peg + Cat’s Star Swiper Game and Curious
George’s Museum of Tens.)
• (Again, lots to choose from
but my favorites are the Turtle Pond and Ten Frame.)
•For a list of apps for your phone or tablet, check out this site http://
3rd – 5th Grade
• and http:// On both of these sites, kids can create accounts but
they can also just play as guests
•For a list of apps for your phone or tablet, check out this site http://
Give them a nightly math problem: posts a daily math
problem that is written for parents to give to their kids each night at bedtime to have
informal discussions about math problem solving.
Happy Holidays!!
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